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Case Management Society of America has over 70 affiliated and pending chapters which exceeds 9000 individual members.

Case Managers are licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in: patient assessment, treatment planning, health care facilitation, patient advocacy, plus much more.

 Case Management Society of America

Rocky Mountain Chapter

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA), a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization.  We are an interdisciplinary network of professionals working to advance the professional practice of Case Management along the Front Range of Colorado.  Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy to help individuals meet their health and wellness objectives.  Rocky Mountain CMSA supports professional collaboration across the health-care continuum and provides opportunities for professional growth so that we may improve the wellbeing of communities we serve.

Rocky Mountain CMSA is your professional resource for education, information sharing, career development and networking opportunities.  We sponsor in-service dinners in February, April, June, August and December each year.  Every October we host a conference with national and local speakers.  We also use social media to keep members informed about issues important to the case management community.

As a community partner, Rocky Mountain CMSA takes its responsibilities seriously.  That is why at every meeting we make a charitable contribution valued at $500 to a local agency.

Our Team / RMC Board

Explore all the fun, education & participation in the world of CMSA!!

Sheryl Swan recently agreed to take over as our Chapter President (including Treasurer role and responsibilities).  Michelle Tusi has been the Secretary for quite some time and remains very active, and an aggressive member of the board.  Her hard work and dedication have kept this board moving forward.  Sheryl and Michelle have been on the board consistently and both are to be commended for the hard work they have done to ensure that our Rocky Mountain Chapter continues to be successful.  Corie Cutler has recently joined our Board, and moved into the new Treasurer roles and responsibilities, to help assist Sheryl.  Marie Connolly has held several positions on the Board of Directors, and just recently came back on the Board to utilize her skills and background as a Special Advisor.  Additional responsibilities to support the board include Public Policy Representative, sponsor, exhibitor, and member coordination, as well website/IT responsibilities.  For more team details, or interest in joining the team, select Meet the RMC Board.

Philosophy / Mission

We are a non-profit that works to ensure that all Case Managers have a great way to come together for education and networking. 

Our RMC unique mission is to promote the growth and value of the Case Management profession and to support the needs of Case Management professionals in the Rocky Mountain Mission. 

 Case Management Society of America (National Site Highlights)

The Case Management Society of America is the leading membership association providing professional collaboration across the healthcare continuum to advocate for patients’ wellbeing and improved health outcomes by fostering case management growth and development, impacting health care policy, and providing evidence-based tools and resources.

 Standards of Practice for Case Management, rev. 2010

 Standards of Practice for Case Management

Perhaps the most important foundation for the practice of case management is CMSA's  "Standards of Practice for Case Management", the most widely recognized and accepted practice standards in the industry.


CMF Certification List 

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 New Industry Resources by CMSA


CMSA's six new websites answer the questions that you, your colleagues, other healthcare professionals and the next generation of case managers are asking about the practice of case management.

 Pfizer ArchiTools


CMSA is able to present this resource to its members and community in a partnership with Pfizer, Inc, a global, research-based pharmaceutical firm whose mission is to apply innovative science to improve health and well-being for individuals throughout the world.

 Integrated Case Management Training


CMSA is pleased to offer the Integrated Case Management Training curriculum (ICM).

This program is an intensive, advanced program incorporating home study, virtual participation via online sessions, face-to-face training, and competency testing.

What is ICM Training?

ICM training is an advanced educational program designed to provide case managers coming from either medical or mental health backgrounds with the needed content and skills.

 CMSA Today™ Magazine & eNewsletter

Stay current with the latest news and resources in the case management industry with CMSA's quarterly magazine & monthly eNewsletters.

Current Magazine Issue
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Care Management Industry Directory

Introducing the Care Management Industry Directory, a resource for members and care managers in their search for professional services

CMSA Webinar Series

Considering Certification?  A Pathway to Recognition & Validation of Your Professional Expertise

For the first time, the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) is offering a series to assist the case manager in moving toward certification.  This set of webinars focuses on information that is integral to both the case management process and closely associated knowledge domains, including:

No additional cost is associated with the webinars or live sessions; however, conference registration is required to attend the concurrent track at the annual conference. For more details select:

National Transitions of Care Coalition

TOC Compendium Available

Browse and search NTOCC's Compendium for Transitions of Care resources.

Educational Quality, Content and Case Management Skill Sets

CMSA’s CKP educational program fills a longstanding gap in case management education. Theoretical content has been available for many years, but practical instruction of basic concepts of case management, as well as skills opportunities, have been left to the individual case manager and employers to determine and deliver. These circumstances have led to great variation in educational quality, content, and case management skill sets across the healthcare continuum.

For more CKP details, please select the following link:

The latest assessment and intervention guide to improve patient adherence

The Case Management Adherence Guide serves the professional care management community as the standard by which case managers can advance assistance, coaching and monitoring efforts with the goal of ultimately improving care delivery and patient outcomes.

National CMSA Career Center

Whether you are looking for a new job, or are trying to access the most qualified talent pool, CMSA's Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the care management industry. The Rocky Mountain Chapter listings are on the "Job Boards" pull-down menu (above).

For job-seekers, please select link:  

For employers seeking to find available talent, please select link:

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